CALL FOR ARTICLES — "Seventeenth-Century Foreign Insights on Dutch Art"

Appel à projets
On 17 and 18 March 2022, the concluding conference of the research project “A Golden Age? Rethinking 17th-century Dutch painting”, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, was held at the University of Geneva. The goal of this conference was to understand how the notion of Dutch art may have been defined not only from within, but also through the eyes of others, with varying degrees of awareness and agency on the Dutch side. Participants discussed the foreign perception of Dutch artists, artworks, and the Dutch art market and brought perspective onto the project’s overarching theme of identity, that we have explored during the first three conferences of our project… => Appel à articles/Call for articles Proposals
  • Proposals should consist of a title and an abstract (max. 300 words), a selective bibliography on the subject and a CV. Please send your proposal by 30 June to all volume editors:
            - Drs. Susanne Bartels, University of Geneva, University of Amsterdam
            - Dr. Angela Jager, RKD - Netherlands Institute for Art History
            - Drs. Lucie Rochard, University of Geneva, University of Lille

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