Organized  in  collaboration  with  A.  Mukhopadhyay,  the  seminary aims to discuss the effect of the technical changes on the  control  of  the  circulation  of  goods  and  people  and  the  perimeter  of  sovereign  political  power.  The  transport  by  rail symbolized  the  de-­‐partitioning  of  the  European  continent,  even if the train has been relayed by car and plane, and by the web  and  social  networks  for  the  circulation  of  ideas  and  practices. How does Border resist these changes? 

The close collaboration between the IRHiS and the department of  Political  science  of  the  U.  Ghent  on  border  issues  (submission  of  a  TOURNESOL  project  in  2021)  has  led  to  the extension of this collaboration to the U. Kent by organizing this seminar.  It  would  delocalize  across  the  Chanel  the  FROD  doctoral  seminar  that  I  organized  at  Lille,  with  almost  2 doctoral  students  being  invited  and  the  others  following  via  zoom.  

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Responsable : Béatrice Touchelay