Historical Research Seminar in English — "Les séminaires de recherche historique en langue anglaise 2023-2024"


An informal seminar aimed at doctoral students on the first Monday of each month
Hybrid in the salle de réunion and via Zoom
salle de réunion IRHiS (A1.162)
17 h-19 h French time (CET)

Responsable : Christopher Fletcher


6 November 2023 —>
Emily NAISH (University of Sheffield), Marsh to Fen: Reconceptualising Marshes as Fenlands in Seventeenth-Century English Literature
Hélène KOWALSKI (IRHiS, ULille), Pluviometers and decrees. How to define a drought in nineteenth century France?
4 December 2023 —>
Michel DEPRETER (University of Oxford), The Decline of Amsterdam as a Fiscal-Military Hub: War, Economy, and Politics in an Era of Emerging Nationalism (1795-1831)
8 January 2024 —>
Zara KESTERTON (University of Cambridge), «A Land of Illusions»: Fashionable flowers in Louis de Carmontelle’s art and literature, c.1750–1780
Ludivine PANZANI (IRHiS, ULille), Crossing borders: The intertwined practices of theatrical and ballroom dances in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
5 February 2024 —>
Valentin MÉRIAUX (IRHiS, ULille), Industrialized fermentation processes and scientific research at the Pasteur Institute of Lille (1896-1900)
with Gerard SASGES (National University of Singapore)
11 March 2024 —>
Thomas RUCKEBUSCH (IRHiS, ULille), To face a world dominated by improbable peace»: new insights on American actors’ agency in the Cold War era
with Kathleen SIEMERMANN (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich)
8 April 2024 —>
Hannah SKODA (University of Oxford), A rural idyll? Pastoral nostalgia in fourteenth-century England, France and Italy
6 May 2024 —>
Eliza HARTRICH (University of York), Civic Memory or Civic Administration? Rolls and Books in English and Irish Municipal Archives, c. 1300-c. 1500
Pauline TRIPLET (IRHiS, ULille), Urban powers in the city of Lille in the later Middle Ages
3 June 2024 —>
Final session: Topic to be confirmed

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