Séminaire en langue anglaise "Environment, Emotions, Politics and Society"


Environment, Emotions, Politics and Society

Les séminaires en langue anglaise 2022-2023
Formation des doctorants—Seances in Conversation on Monday, 5pm-7pm
salle de réunion de l’IRHiS and via Zoom (ID de réunion : *** — Code secret : ***)

=> Programme

9 January 2023 —>
        Rosie Knight (University of Sheffield), Love, politics and slavery in the Antebellum US south
        Respondent: Marie-Hélène Méresse
6 February 2023 —>
        Gauthier Baert (IRHiS, ULille), The gift to the nation of Saint-Louis crosses by soldiers and officers: A rejection of monarchy and a republican act during the French Revolution (1792–1793)
6 March 2023 —>
         Michael Broughton (University of Sheffield), 'Politic Stratagems': Honour and Deception in Sixteenth-Century Military Theory
3 April 2023 —>
         Camille Paccou (IRHiS, ULille), How to evaluate the socio-political and diplomatic role of duchesses of Brabant and countesses of Flanders and Hainaut in the 13th and 14th centuries
3-4 May 2023 —>
         Postgrad workshop: The politics of the domestic in late medieval and early modern northern Europe
5 June 2023 —>
          Arnaud Dujardin (IRHiS, ULille), Social mobility in 15th century Douai
3 July 2023 —>
          Discussion: Teaching and Writing History in the UK and France

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