Historical Research Seminar in English — "Les séminaires de recherche historique en langue anglaise 2023-2024"


An informal seminar aimed at doctoral students on the first Monday of each month
Hybrid in the salle de réunion and via Zoom
salle de réunion IRHiS (A1.162)
17 h-19 h French time (CET)

Responsable : Christopher Fletcher


2 October 2023 —>
Lucy SPLARN (University of Kent at Canterbury), Medieval Pilgrim Badges of Saint Thomas Becket and beyond in the Canterbury Collection
Hugo DEHONGHER (IRHiS, ULille), The practice of archaeological drawing in nineteenth-century Saint-Omer. The missing iconographic collection of Emmanuel Wallet

6 November 2023 —>
Emily NAISH (University of Sheffield), Marsh to Fen: Reconceptualising Marshes as Fenlands in Seventeenth-Century English Literature
Hélène KOWALSKI (IRHiS, ULille), Pluviometers and decrees. How to define a drought in nineteenth century France?

4 December 2023 —>
Michel DEPRETER (University of Oxford), The Decline of Amsterdam as a Fiscal-Military Hub: War, Economy, and Politics in an Era of Emerging Nationalism (1795-1831)

8 January 2024 —>
Zara KESTERTON (University of Cambridge), «A Land of Illusions»: Fashionable flowers in Louis de Carmontelle’s art and literature, c.1750–1780
Ludivine PANZANI (IRHiS, ULille), Crossing borders: The intertwined practices of theatrical and ballroom dances in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

5 February 2024 —>
Valentin MÉRIAUX (IRHiS, ULille), Industrialized fermentation processes and scientific research at the Pasteur Institute of Lille (1896-1900)
with Gerard SASGES (National University of Singapore)

11 March 2024 —>
Thomas RUCKEBUSCH (IRHiS, ULille), To face a world dominated by improbable peace»: new insights on American actors’ agency in the Cold War era
with Kathleen SIEMERMANN (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich)

8 April 2024 —>
Hannah SKODA (University of Oxford), A rural idyll? Pastoral nostalgia in fourteenth-century England, France and Italy

6 May 2024 —>
Eliza HARTRICH (University of York), Civic Memory or Civic Administration? Rolls and Books in English and Irish Municipal Archives, c. 1300-c. 1500
Pauline TRIPLET (IRHiS, ULille), Urban powers in the city of Lille in the later Middle Ages

3 June 2024 —>
Final session: Topic to be confirmed

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